Why Contact Forms are a good tool for your website

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Many websites offer an email address and phone number, but providing a contact form is much more user-friendly.

A contact form is a very convenient tool for a user. It means that they can contact you directly from the website without having to open their email to send you a message. In addition, contact forms are designed to be sent to a dedicated email account. This makes them easy to access and get straight to your inbox allowing a speedy reply.

Add a contact number

A phone number is a great idea for a website. We recommend that you always have your contact details on the site in a prominent position. However, a phone can only be answered during business hours. Having a contact form as well means that a potential customer can contact you even when you are not there.

Add a message box

A contact form will always include a box for the user to fill out a message about what information they are looking for. This means that you can quickly and efficiently deal with their enquiry and follow up a potential sales lead more effectively.

Make it mobile friendly

A contact form is also more mobile-friendly as it eliminates the need for a user to type out an email address and they can quickly and easily fill out and send the form to you. If you are trying to reach out to new users a contact form is a more proactive call to action on your website, it can be positioned throughout your site on the homepage and on a contact page giving users many opportunities to contact you.

Keep things simple

Contact forms are not just for potential customers. They are a primary way for all types of people to get in touch. Existing customers may want to ask a question, or jobseekers may want to enquire about potential work. A good contact form keeps things simple and directs all these types of enquiries to the same inbox. Contact forms can also store entries on a database for you to retrieve whenever you like to. It is convenient to have all enquiries in one place.

Add a confirmation message

Another good idea is to have a confirmation message after the user has sent the contact form, this ensures that they know the form has been sent and leaves a good last impression of your company. You could also include how long it will take to respond.

On a lot of our websites, we actually put a contact phone number, contact email, AND a contact form. This gives the user the choice to choose the method that makes the most sense for them ensuring a better experience for your users.

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