Top tips to increase your email subscription list

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Email is a proven method for reaching prospects and cultivating long-term relationships with customers. 

Make your opt-in form prominent

Many sites downplay email signups in favour of social media icons. Whilst social media followers are valuable, they are not more valuable than your email list. Afterall, Facebook decides when your followers see your content, Twitter is a constant stream of news, but, you own your email list. So, by putting your signup form in a prominent place on your website where visitors will see it will encourage a better quality of engagement in the future.

Change your button copy

Do you use generic copy such as “Subscribe” or “Sign Up” for your opt-in buttons? One particularly-effective strategy is to personalise your opt-in button. For example, ‘start my free trial’ instead of ‘start free trial’. A simple and quick fix that is easy to implement.

Add a “Sign Up” button to your Facebook page

In December 2014, Facebook added a new feature designed to help businesses meet their goals. It’s the call-to-action button, and with it you can place a highly-visible link pointing to any destination on or off Facebook. The only shortcoming is the limited number of button options. ‘Sign Up’ works perfectly to increase your email list subscribers and is simple to add.

Stop asking for too much information

Tests confirm the more information you ask for from readers, the less likely they are to opt-in. So, stick to the bare essentials and only ask for the information you need. If you don’t need names then don’t ask for them. If you have no use for phone numbers don’t ask people to input them. Keep it simple and short and you will have more chance of success.

Minimise clicks to subscribe

Most people have their opt-in form placed on the front page of their website. But, some people will land on other pages within your website. It is always worth including a subscribe message on as many pages as possible. Or, within the header or footer on your website which guarantees it is seen throughout the site and the user does not have to go searching for it.

Invite subscribers through your Social Networks

Your email newsletter isn’t the only way to connect with subscribers. When was the last time you asked your Twitter followers or Facebook followers to subscribe? Now that Facebook has updated its API, you can also post your newsletter directly to your fan page – a great way to give non-subscribers a glimpse into what they could be receiving.

Collect email addresses at offline events

If you regularly attend trade shows and events be sure to take some simple sign up forms with you so that you can capture any potential new customers wherever you are and import them into your database. It is also a good idea to send these contacts a welcome email that confirms their opt-in to your list.

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