How Google reviews help plumbing and heating websites rank higher

google reviews for plumbers

The hands-on every day activity of your Plumbing and Heating business is done offline, but the promotion of your company can be effectively done online – and that’s where Google reviews come into play. Google Reviews help improve search rankings and overall SEO efforts.

While there are a lot of factors involved in search rankings, online customer reviews can be a strong signal to search engines that your website is trustworthy and important.

In an era where competition is increasing for Plumbing and Heating businesses on the web, managing online reviews is a way to differentiate your business and raise your visibility in search results.

Google reviews significantly impact where your business lands in the Google search algorithm. Google depends on signals to determine whether a site is worth good rankings or not, and customer reviews are an important part of this process.

Why do reviews matter for SEO?

Reviews can help fill in the content gaps that may exist on your website, and increase your rankings and overall visibility.

When a customer reviews your business (good or bad), it tells Google that not only is your business a real operation, but that other people have interacted with it and can help future potential customers make decisions. This is all good for SEO rankings.

Reviews can play a big part with click through rates, especially if you’re generating glowing reviews regularly. By enticing clicks with high ratings, you’ll likely see a boost in rankings, too.

How to manage your customer reviews for higher rankings

There are lots of ways to get the most out of your reviews, but one of the most important ones is to incorporate reviews across your website.

Another way to manage your customer reviews is to prompt your customers to leave reviews about your company on your Google+ Local page.

There is no harm in directly asking your customer for review after selling a product or providing a Plumbing and Heating service. If you are confident of your level of plumbing expertise, and your service delivery, then asking for a review from your customers should not be an issue.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave a review, including an obvious link right off your own website to leave a review.

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